November 2010

Made it! I am now safely on the other side of October, my hell month! I only have one more GT training class to go to and only a few more online assignments to submit and I am done! I will have my life back! I'm not sure what I will do with all of my free time... Read books, take up knitting, become a faithful blogger again!? Things are looking up! ;) Anyway, so let's see what's going to be awesome about November...

Nov. '10
Excited about:
  • Thanksgiving! Duh! ;)

  • Having lost a little bit of weight with zero working out. (Although now that I have made this public I will instantly gain 10 pounds).
  • Going to Lafayette/Baton Rouge with Mason again for an LSU game with some friends who live down there.
  • Getting 5 days off in a row for Turkey Day (Only 3 more weeks to go!!)
  • Daylight Savings Time! It is depressing when it is still pitch black when I arrive at school!
  • Decorating for Christmas at the end of the month! Is it too early to listen to Christmas music?
  • The rest of the UT football season (and the Cowboys)...we suck this year! :(
Things to celebrate this month:
  • Mason (and Cameron's) 27th birthday! My oh my!
  • Turkey Day!
Jamming out to:
  • Fav new song right now.... "Like a G6" - Far East Movement
  • Same shows as October, but um did you SEE the Glee - Rocky Horror Picture Show episode! LOVE!!!
  • Still no time for pleasure reading. *sigh* One day....
So that is the low down scoop for this month! Hope you all have a fabulous day-after Halloween! Happy November! :)


  1. I love November too :) Hope you have a wonderful week girl!

  2. I can't even talk about the Longhorns this year. Literally, I don't know what it's like for them to not be badass.

    You may have already gotten it, but I left you a little blog treat here: http://www.poodleism.com/2010/11/thanks-bloggy-buddy-betty.html

  3. I'm so glad to be on a break from school. The teacher who took my place seems to be dying. The guy I was dating lived in Baton Rouge. I was over there all the time.