Someday I'll Look Back at This and Laugh

Um, yeah.... so car troubles continue to plague me. I found a staple in one of my back tires, after realizing it was a little low. Well since I never have time to get things done, Mason and I both had just been filling it up with air in hopes of getting it patched when the weekend came. Ha, that kind of planning only works for normal people. Not me. Instead, I always draw the "worst case scenario" stick.

Let's rewind back to Friday afternoon, 11:14AM.

I had just dropped my kids off at lunch and had 30 minutes before I had to pick them up again. Well, since I never have time (plus I'm too lazy) to get to the grocery store, I had nothing for lunch... and no cash with which to buy some cafeteria food (darn). So I decided to run down the street QUICKLY to get Subway. Well upon arriving to my car, my tire was very low. Bordering flat. So I thought to myself, well, I'll just fill up my tire with some more air at the gas station right next to Subway. I even asked a fellow teacher who was outside if he thought I could drive on the tire. He said I should be fine as long as I drive slow. So since I'm such the adventurous, risk-taker, I climbed aboard and started my trek to the gas station. I tried to ignore the horrid sounds of my low-tire grinding against the pavement.

I reach my destination, climb out of my car and catch a nice whiff of burnt rubber!!! My tire is torn to shreds, ruined, can transport me no longer! It is now 11:20AM, I have to pick my kids up from lunch in 24 minutes and I am stuck at the gas station down the street.

So, I panic, call Mason and give him the play by play of how my life is over and my car will never drive again... oh and I'll probably be fired for leaving school and not picking my kids up on time. He agrees to leave work and help his damsel in distress.

Next step, call my school and try and get a ride back (first though, I had to google my school, because I didn't have the number in my phone - always prepared). I call the front office in tears and ask the front desk lady if she can find anyone to come pick me up from the gas station. She says not to worry, help is on the way.

It is now 11:34AM, and guess who got recruited to pick me up!?!?! MY FREAKING PRINCIPAL!!!! I mean seriously!?! Out of everyone in the whole school she asked my awkward, by-the-book, cheesy principal! Where were the other teacher's, custodians, kids with learner's permits, ANYONE!? I start bawling. Talk about the longest ride of my life. He was very nice about it while I, on the other hand, was absolutely mortified. I mean, I'm sure my principal was like, " hmm, Ms. C really knows how to keep it together in times of crisis." Um, yeah, fail.

So, it's 11:44AM (time to pick up the kiddos) and I'm still a wreck - I don't know why... I mean it really wasn't a big deal. I think I was just pissed about having another tire issue within two weeks of the last and just stressed (my Asst. Principal, Principal and Superintendent all stopped by my room to observe me earlier that morning -NO BIG DEAL). Anyway, I was in no condition to pick up my kids just yet, so I asked another teacher to pick them up, take them to the restroom and back to class while I composed myself. I, of course, had to walk past my class in the process. When I finally got it together and went back to the classroom my kids were very concerned asking if I had been fired. Ha! Good one kids. ;)

Anyway, Mason came to my rescue, took off the shredded tire, bought me a new one and returned my car to school in good shape. What would we do without men? ;)

Oh, first year of teaching memories. Another one for the books!


  1. Oh gosh girl! I don't know what I would have done...probably cried too!

    Hope you have a great week :)

  2. oh no! I had my principal cover my class one day when I was late coming back from lunch because I was trying to pay my cable bill. It's always a little awkward!

  3. Sounds like a nicer principal than mine! I'm so glad to be outta there! Our school was never that relaxed with us, and I always felt like I was under scrutiny. You're lucky to work with such a great group.

  4. Lol. You poor thing! Hope things get better :)

  5. That does NOT sound fun! Poor thing! Glad your husbie got you taken care of. :)

  6. I don't handle car issues well either! I usually ignore them until they're horrible and then cry too!