Pub Crawling for Cancer!

This past Saturday was the Crawl for Cancer pub crawl event in Uptown Dallas. This is an event where teams made up of 10-12 people are assigned 5 different bars to go to and at each bar your team is given 4 pitchers of beer. Then at the end of the day there is an after party where all of the teams meet up with an unlimited supply of more free beer. (Not that anyone needs any more beer after consuming 20 pitchers of beer, but for those who just couldn't get enough it was available...) Anyway, we had a lot of fun walking along McKinney Avenue, playing flip cup tournaments at the bars, and drinking for a good cause! We, appropriately, dubbed ourselves as Team Slurricane as the entire day was somewhat of a whirlwind!
Our 2009 bar lineup:
1. Gingerman
2. Tribeca
3. Liar's Den
4. Madison
5. Uptown Bar & Grill

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