Moth - 1, Caroline's Nose - 0

Well, Mason is finally back from Vegas! Thank God! I am OVER the single girl lifestyle... buying my own drinks, hailing my own cabs, killing the bugs! Ugh! Sunday evening, I had just turned off all of the lights and was watching a little tv before going to bed, when I see a ginormous bug flying around the room. Right when I caught a glimpse of it and before I could do something about it, it flew into the fan, ricocheted off the fan and onto my head!! Then a full-on freak out ensued beginning with me throwing BOTH remote controls in the air (in an attempt to get the bug off of my head) and having them BOTH land on the bridge of my nose! It hurt SO BAD!!!! I thought I broke my nose. Then I started to cry, but whats the point!?!? No one there to comfort me. So instead I got up and took vengence on the moth. Oh, I didn't tell you it was just a moth? Well, it looked like a giant hornet in the shadows of the night! So I whacked it way hard into the wall and left it there for Mason to clean up! Hmph! Welcome home, honey! ;) I know, I know....sounds mean, but I was too busy deciding whether my nose was broken or not to scrape bug guts off of the wall... and when I called to whine to Mase he was drunk from his Sunday Funday at the pool....grrr! Anyway, he's back now, my own personal moth killer - every girl should have one! ;)


  1. hahaha! I'm glad your nose wasn't broken. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have K to kill bugs for me.

  2. That's what hubbies are for, and I wish he was there for you, hah!