Hoppy Easter!

And we're back! It was a short trip to Tyler this weekend, but a very good one! Yesterday, Mason, my mom and I stopped in Canton, while in route to Tyler, and met my Aunt Laura to do a little shopping. It was Mason's first time to go to Canton! He did a pretty good job of walking around and shopping with three women for nearly 4 hours... very minimal complaining, I was so proud! ;)

It was a very successful trip, as well! My mom scored some chairs for her new kitchen table. I got two new dresses, an apron, a cute fridge magnet and a silver tray converted into a chalkboard that I am going to hang in the kitchen:
Probably shouldn't be spending much right now, but it felt great to shop after months of restriciting myself! I'll have to go back to being good for a while now, though.

Later that afternoon, while driving through Tyler, we saw the Easter Bunny....taking it easy before his big day:
Saturday evening, we went to El Charro's, an old mexican restaurant in Tyler that my family has been going to for years. Mason had never been there either, so we had to stop in to make for a complete trip to Tyler! :)

Today, we went to church and then had an Easter lunch at my aunts house. Ham, broccoli cheese casserole (yum, more broccoli ;), deviled eggs, etc... A splurge I know, back to veggies now that we are home!
Like my new Easter dress? It was one of my Canton purchases! Well, anyway, we are back in Dallas now, ready bracing ourselves for another week! 9 more weeks to go for me! Can I make it??

Hope your Easter weekend was a memorable one and that you were able to celebrate with loved ones! "Christ the Lord is Risen Again, Alleluia..."(my fav Easter song)! :)


  1. I love the silver tray chalkboard...SO cute!

    How funny is the Easter bunny on the motorcycle?!

    Have a great week! You can make it :)

  2. You two look so cute!! I love the silver tray/chalkboard...genius idea!

  3. I love your Easter dress! So pretty!

  4. i love that tray and your green/white dress is adorable! :)

  5. Cute dress and I love the chalkboard idea!

  6. I love your Easter dress! How cute are you. Have a great week!

  7. I'm glad you got to do some shopping. Your dress is cute, and the tray is super unique. I dread spending money too. My friend wants me to go w/ her to a Rachel Ray show this weekend, and I'm dreading spending the money on top of getting my hair done! Eww.