What A Blast!

This morning was a little bittersweet for us Dallasites! Texas Stadium, previous home to the Dallas Cowboys, was blown up, to make way for highway construction, and is no longer.

Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones, built Dallas a fancy schmancy beast of a stadium last year, but Texas Stadium is such a historically place, where the Cowboys brought home all 5 of their Super Bowl wins. Lots of memories in that place....

When I was in high school, my dance team got to perform during half-time at one of the pre-season games at Texas Stadium!!

Also, Mason and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the last home game to be played in the stadium during Dec. 2008.

Good times!


Anyway, the weekend has been pretty good. Mason is in Vegas with his high school buddies for yet ANOTHER bachelor party! I feel like he is at a bachelor party just about every other weekend. And they aren't even coming back til tomorrow evening. So I've had to find ways to occupy my time...

Friday night, was girl's night out with Lezlie, Kelli, Casey and Lindsay as we did a little bar hopping around uptown!

Saturday, my best friend from high school, Greg, took me out to dinner for sushi, Yum! :) Then we went bar hopping with some of our high school friends.

I'm ready for Mase to get home but I do enjoy using all 4 pillows and sleeping diagonally across the bed! ;) And also coming home late night and making a giant pot of mac and cheese and eating it all by myself! As they say, when the cat's away.... :)

I want to give a big thanks to everyone for all of the "Congrats" and nice words about my job offer this week! I still can't really believe it... but really, ya'll are the best! :) Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Just found your blog; love it! You have a new follower :)

  2. Wow I can't believe they demolished the stadium. I am originally from Texas and remember the stadium well!

    It sounds like you have a had a really fun weekend catching up with friends and doing what you have wanted to do, including not sharing the mac and cheese! :) LOVE IT!

    Congrats again on the job offer!

  3. That's cool to watch such a huge structure go down. A lot of memories in that place I'm sure.

    Mason is going to a lot of these bachelor parties lately!

  4. Mmmmm mac and cheese! Sounds like you had a fun weekend :)