Another Wedding Weekend

I'm back... and once again, apologetic for my posting that is so few and far in between these days. I feel like all I can really focus on right now is the countdown to Summer. 27 more school days left, in case you were wondering! ;)

This weekend, Mason and I made a road trip to Houston to celebrate our friend's, Brian & Kendl who got married this past Saturday! Brian and Kendl both went to high school with Mase and asked Mason to be a groomsman, so we got to participate in all of the wedding festivities!

Here are some pics from the weekend:

Brian and Kendl's Rehearsal Dinner was "High School Sweethearts" themed. Complete with Prom pictures on the tables... nice. ;)
The Bride and Groom - Poor Kendl broke her foot two weeks before the wedding and had to hobble around on crutches at the R. Dinner - ugh, can you imagine!?
Mason with his Groomsmen GiftsMe and Mase
Hanging out at Rosenberg's finest watering hole, "Zee Bar"Pool SharksMase with Kendl & Brian (the wedding reception was held in a tent in Kendl's beautiful backyard)Me, Mason and Cameron

Best BudsAnyway, another fun weekend, but still a little exhausted from our travels. Ok, off to catch Glee and the new episode of The Hills, I'm purely tuning in these days just to see Heidi "Freak Show" Pratt! ;) Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love that long dress with the blue in it! So pretty!!

  2. That's no fun that her foot was broken! I love your purple dress...so pretty!

  3. That poor girl and her leg! I feel so bad that she had to deal with that. :(

  4. How horrible to break your leg right before your wedding! That would suck! I love both of the dresses you have on in the pics :)

  5. Looks like a great weekend! I can't believe the poor bride had a broken food!