We've Got the Beat

Hello all! Happy Monday! So today's post is going to be a short and sweet to the point.

So remember when I told you that our upstairs "vampire" neighbors moved out a few weeks ago? Well apparently they wasted no time finding new tenants to sublet their place because we had new upstairs neighbors literally 24 hours later.

Who are these new neighbors? Frat boys. Frat boys who unloaded a keyboard piano out of their moving truck and upstairs. Jokingly we thought, oh great, they will probably be hosting band practice upstairs right above our bedroom. Ha, chuckle chuckle.

Well guess what? The jokes on us. While there is no band practice going on, there is loud music being played at ALL hours of the day and night. And not just any music. Obnoxious, bass thumping music that vibrates through the floorboards! I'm "enjoying" it right now as we speak...

So what's a gal to do in this scenario? Go upstairs, knock on the door and politely tell them to keep their volume to a minimum? Or maybe it's time for Mason and I to start looking at other living environments. One where we do not have upstairs or downstairs neighbors. Our lease is up in December. What would you all do if you found yourselves living amongst noisy neighbors??


  1. Oh gosh! That's no fun :( I had some noisy neighbors at one of the apartments I lived it...luckily for me they didn't play their music ALL day!

  2. Ohh boy I would hate that! So sorry for you guys. My vote is to move out asap! GOOD LUCK with the new school year :)

  3. I would definitely say something, and I probably wouldn't be nice about it....so, maybe bring cookies so they think you're nice and actually listen instead of just getting pissed and playing music anyways.