Meet the Teacher!

Babbling Abby is hosting "Teacher Week" on her blog this week as a way for all the teacher bloggers out there to meet, share ideas, empathize about the end of summer, etc. Each day this week will be a new teacher topic. First up....

10 Things About Me as a Teacher...

1.) I am starting my VERY FIRST year of teaching! I will be working at a middle school that includes grades 6th through 8th and I will be teaching 6th grade math and 1 class of social studies!

2.) I did not major in Education. Instead I chose Business. I graduated. I hated Business. Marketing = Sales (who knew?). I hate sales. I have always loved math though, so I decided I would be a good math teacher!

3.) My dad always told me I should be a teacher because it was a stable career and they would always have a need for math teachers. I told him and anyone else that would listen that I would NEVER be a teacher!

4.) I decided to get my teaching certificate at probably the worst possible time ever - right as the economy went downhill and everyone was scrambling to find better, more stable career paths (i.e. teaching). It took me 1 year and 4 months to find a job, which doesn't seem like long now, but it felt like FOREVER at the time.

5.) I started subbing to get my foot in the door at the district I currently work at. I was given a long term subbing gig from this past Feb. - June and had a wonderful mentor who told the principal at least once every day that he should hire me and he finally did! :)

6.) The first day I ever subbed. I was a substitute for an 8th grade science class at the school that I currently teach at. I thought the school was so ghetto and said I would NEVER sub there again! (Do you see a reoccurring trend in my life?) It is a title one school (a low socio-economic school) that has plenty of students who come from less than perfect circumstances, but I eventually fell in LOVE with my school and LOVE being able to actually make a difference in these kids lives!

7.) My first taste of being a teacher was when I started proctoring the SAT exam to high school students. I loved being in charge in a classroom setting! This is what initially sparked my interest in becoming a teacher!

8.) I like teaching 6th grade, because at some point, once I have worked at my school for two more years, I will know every student on our campus (or at least most of them)!

9.) Our district requires us to get our Masters degree within 10 years of working for our district. They pay for us to do this. I am considering getting my Masters in Counseling.

10.) I would also maybe consider getting my degree in Administration, although I would only want to be an Assistant Principal! Principals have way to much to deal with. My grandfather (my dad's dad) was a principal, so maybe it's in the genes! We'll see...

*I could seriously write like 30 more "about me" teacher things! It's great to finally be in a profession that I just can't stop talking about! One of the best things about teaching, is the other teachers and the community that is created through the common bond of teaching! Get any two teachers together and I guarantee they will chat non-stop about their teacher experiences! Such a cool thing! :)

Only 2 more weeks until the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Be sure and go to Babbling Abby this week to meet other fellow teachers! :)


  1. 6th grade math and coaching is on my list of jobs to have at some point! I too have been subbing but I am pursuing my degree at the same time! Hope your first year is wonderful!

  2. The day's almost here! We start on Wednesday. Best wishes with the new class. I'm saying now that this is my last year! Not sure what I'll do next. I was tossing around the idea of counseling, but I just can't stand the idea of going to night school all the time.

  3. Just found your blog...super cute. I live outside of Dallas and finished my alternative certification last fall...and have not found a job :( I'm working on my masters right now though...I'm sure my time will come. I also saw below that you went to House of Blues Friday...my cousin's band played in the battle...they are called "don't shoot the messenger".

  4. Such a cute blog! :) It's so great that your district both requires you to get your Masters in a) a reasonable amount of time and b) on their dime! Stick with them for it; you'll be so glad you did! :)

  5. So exciting that you're starting your FIRST YEAR! What a fun (and CRAZY!) time! I can't wait to follow along :)

    And seriously, please ask questions if you ever have them. I'm only on year 4, but I am more than happy to offer help, advice, or even an listening ear on a bad day. Teacher friends are important.

  6. If I could go back and get my Masters again I'd get it in counseling :) Good luck with your FIRST year!

  7. Good luck with your first year!! :)

  8. Soooo jealous your district pays for your Masters!!! Your blog is cute and congrats on the job!!!