Last Day Of Summer!

We have a day off from training, so today is my Last Official Day of Summer!!!! Ahhh! Sad... But I hope to spend today reading, watching tv, napping and laying out! All my fav summer activities! :)

Tonight, we are going to the B.o.B. concert at House of Blues! So excited about that!

Yesterday, I won a door prize at one of my training sessions. Mainly just school supplies, but guess what else was in the bag!?
Smelly markers!!! I LOVE those! And I have never had a set of my own! My childhood dream fulfilled! ;) Mason was really excited about them too! We prob spent about 30 minutes smelling every marker!

Anndddd I told you that I had something exciting to tell you all about that happened last weekend...

On Sunday, Mason and I went to a jewelry store and tried on ENGAGEMENT RINGS!!!! Oh happy day!
We had so much fun! Seriously. Mason was caught saying, "This is fun!". (I know, I couldn't believe my ears!) It was even Mason's suggestion to go look, not mine! We spent 2 hours at the store learning all there is to know about diamonds, settings, bands, etc. I'm so glad we got to go look together because I ended up liking styles that I didn't even know I liked! Anyway, glad Mason has a good idea now of what I want... and now..... we wait! Ha, but hopefully not for TOO long! ;)

Hope you guys have a great weekend and a fun last day of summer if that's the case! :)


  1. I love smelly markers!

    Ring shopping?! How exciting! Can't wait until he pops the question so we can see what ring he picks :)

  2. What!?! I'm so excited that it's really going to happen for you. Great!! Can't wait to hear about when he actually proposes! :)

    Hope your room is getting together! xoxo

  3. Once you have smelly markers you become a real teacher!! :)

  4. O my word!! I have not seen smelly markers in years!! I loved them as a child!!

    Ring shopping sounds so fun!! I hope the proposal happens sometime soon for you :)!!!

  5. oooh this was an exciting post!!! congrats on the best markers ever and more importantly ring shopping!!

  6. That is actually kind how I was purpose to. It was a Saturday afternoon and I asked if he wanted to do anything that evening and he said, "Do you want to go look at engagement rings?" So that was basically my proposal. He was too nervous to pick one out blindly, so he wanted me to pick it out.

  7. Wow! I wish you the best of luck!!