Say Hello (to school) and Wave Goodbye (to my life)!

Welcome back to the life of a teacher! This week I headed back to my school for a week of MORE training and to finish up my classroom. I am absolutely exhausted. Going back to school for me means:

* Being abnormally tired most days!
* Less exciting dinners, because I am too lazy to cook anything fun or to plan out a good trip to the grocery store.
* A messy apartment.
* A DVR full of shows that I want to watch, but don't have the time for.
* No more reading for pleasure. It is all I can do to keep up with my US Weekly each week, which I make myself read, because really is life worth living if you don't know what crazy shenanigans Lindsay Lohan has pulled this week??
*And probably a few other things as well, but I can't remember them because back to school means memory loss for me! Too many things to think about and to try and remember!!

Ok, well that was about the best post I could muster up for today! But stay tuned this week for a Birthday Post (my B-day is tomorrow)!!!! Also, pictures of my nearly finished classroom! :)


  1. Girl, I totally feel you! I'm exhausted!! Good luck back to school!!

  2. Good luck for a wonderful school year! Can't wait to see pictures of your classroom :)

    Happy early birthday!

  3. Cooking laziness is a struggle of mine right now. I seriously cannot bring myself to WANT to cook. Can't wait to see your room and happy early birthday :)

  4. I can't wait to see your classroom. I'm sure I'll be super jealous that mine's kind of lame. (my fault) Money's tight in this household. Best of luck and have a great birthday!!!!