Sin City

Guess where I just found out that I am going this weekend!?!?

VEGAS BABY!!!!! :)

My boss' best friend is going for the big real estate convention that is going on next week and extended the invitation to he and I to join, so from Saturday until Tuesday I will be living it up in the city of sin! Hopefully I'll bring home some dinero too! ;) Also, I just checked out the weather for the weekend...

Saturday: 96*


Monday: 105*

Tuesday: 98*

105 degrees! Ahhhh, I can feel the sun baking my skin already - fabulous!!!

Better start deciding which bikinis to bring!! ;)

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  1. half the team from www.Helloooooo.com will be there as well... lets do a blog cocktail hour!
    email or leave us a comment if you're up for it.