Happy 1/2 to my love...

So, you may think it is strange, but... I enjoy celebrating people's half birthdays! Maybe celebrating is the wrong term because it's not like I go all out with a birthday cake, balloons, or expensive gifts. I just think it is fun to acknowledge that you are at the half-way point to your next birthday! Just another fun thing to put on your calendar or to give yourself a reason to grab a drink or go out to dinner! When I am a mom someday, I fully intend on celebrating 1/2 birthdays with my kiddos whether it be with a cupcake from Sprinkles or a non-expensive, small gift. Anyway, this Sunday will be my boyfriend, Mason's, half birthday. The big 25.5! Mason works for an oil and gas company and has been overseeing a big drill project for the past few weeks and probably for a few more weeks to come so I haven't seen too much of him lately (he only gets to come home on Sundays)... aaannnddd since I'll be in Vegas this weekend I will not get to see him for 2 weeks! So, I wanted to wish him a very Happy 25 1/2 Birthday in advance! I love you and I promise to be good in Vegas! :)

PS: Happy 1/2 B-day to Cameron too (Mason's twin brother)!!!

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