Cuz PINK it's my favorite color...

I popped into good ol' reliable Forever 21 yesterday hoping to find a few cute coverups for hanging out poolside while vacationing in the Vegas. First of all, I guess I'm not up on the trends - because the whole lower floor is decked out in 80's inspired fashions - - like neon colored windshorts, sweatbands and acid colored jeans... no thank you. However, as I ascended to the second floor, I was greeted with some presh coverup dresses, jackpot! The best part of my trip though was that Forever 21 has ditched their trademark fugly yellow bags in favor of some fabulous electric hot pink bags! I wasn't even embarassed to flaunt my XXI purchase around the likes of Northpark Mall, because my hot pink bag was just so darn cute! Anyway, this def doesn't qualify as major breaking news or anything.... it just brightened my day a little. ;)

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