Mem Wknd 2K9

Well, it was another successful Memorial Weekend celebrated in Austin, TX this year! The weather wasn't perfect (it rained both Saturday and Sunday and of course was perfect sunshine on Monday when we left) but we still managed to enjoy the weekend out on the lake! Friday night we dined at Imperia, a yummy sushi restaurant downtown, and then met up with lots of friends at Speakeasy. Saturday was spent lounging around at the lake house. On Sunday, we went to the 3rd annual KB Fest 2K9 (our friends rent a huge party barge for their birthdays every year during memorial weekend) and had so much fun!! Now I am just recovering from all of the cuts, bruises, and soreness that go hand in hand with lake fun & binge drinking for 3 days straight! However, I'm headed back on Friday to the ATX for my friend Caroline's Bachelorette Party!!! YAY! :)

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