Operation: Get Skinny - Summer 2009

April will be over before we know it and bikini season is quickly approaching. Unfortunately I was bad all winter long (i.e. minimal trips to the gym and eating whatever I so desired) and have some major strides to make in my attempt to look like Gisele by Memorial weekend. Ok, not Gisele... I'll settle for Heidi Klum. What? Heidi Klum's pregnant? Perrrrfect!

Anyway, I'm back on the diet wagon and will be until I am confident enough to strut my stuff in my bikini without clutching to my towel for dear life. Last year I found this really good diet in US Weekly that really did the trick and I was able to shed some lbs before the start of summer. It is by no means a long term diet that anyone who enjoys the act of eating could ever stick to, but it is a good guide to follow if you want to lose some quick weight.

Here is the link to the diet plan followed by the likes of Gwenyth Paltrow and Madonna that I found in Us Weekly. Basically you can not eat any dairy products, processed foods or sauces/spices and you are limited to one whole grain a day. Not very fun but it is definitely doable.

I bid farewell to junk food last night with some ice cream from Wild About Harry's to see me off. Now it's leafy greens and tuna fish until June! Wish me luck! Hopefully that skinny bitch that you're checking out at the pool this summer will be me! :)

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