Caroline & Trey's Wedding Shower

Over Easter weekend, my very good friend's Trey and Caroline had their "couples" wedding shower in Houston! I was so excited to see some of my college girlfriends that I had not seen in awhile - - and even more excited to have the opportunity to drag Mason along with me (he was a good sport though)! The shower was cowboy themed and they served up some yummy bbq... although I spent most of my time hanging out by the wine station... ;) Anyway, just wanted to share some pics from the shower. Caroline & Trey are getting married June 13th and I am a bridesmaid! So excited! I am never the bridesmaid (or the bride for that matter...ahem, Mason...), until NOW! :) Can't wait!

Mason and me at the Shower

Liz (fellow bridesmaid) and me

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