Summer Hiatus

You know what sucks? When you are just starting to enjoy your summer break and are getting used to sleeping in and then your school throws in a full week of training in the middle of June, just for fun. My school won some grant or something, so my principal decided we would use it by becoming an AVID campus and getting certified over the summer. I know, I know... it's a great thing for the school and I do get paid extra for going, so I will stop complaining I guess, blah.

I had a pretty nice little weekend. Friday, I had an all day pool party with some of the girls and I got absolutely burnt to a crisp, oops! Apparently sunscreen needs to be applied before the sun
melts your skin off... Then we reconvened for a girl's dinner. We went to Fireside Pies and halfway through enjoying my salad I realize that there is a dead fly on my plate. Tasty! So we
made out with some free apps, drinks, shots and I got a gift card for next time. Sometimes it pays to share your meal with a dead insect! ;)
Afterwards, we went to the grand opening of a new club in Dallas called Glass. It was a pretty good time, except that their A/C wasn't really doing the job for a hot summer's night of dancing, so we didn't stay too long!
Saturday, I had a full day of wedding dress appointments. My aunt came in town and she and my mom and I hit up a few boutiques. I found one dress that was pretty, but I'm holding out to see if I find my dream dress in New York next week. I feel certain that I will.
The rest of the weekend was just chill time, mentally preparing myself for training. I hope it is quick and painless. After that though my summer really kicks into high gear! New York, Houston, Vegas and Jamaica all within one month! Holy Smokes! Doesn't my principal know that he is interfering with my packing planning?! Rude! OK, folks have a happy Monday!

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  1. Ohhh keep us up to date on your wedding dress search! Love hearing about the planning!