Amsale Girls

Last night was the series premiere of Amsale Girls on the WE network!
Why was I so excited about another reality show about a bridal salon selling wedding gowns? I mean hasn't that already been done....and then done again some more. Well the reason I tuned in is because my best friend/college roomie/sorority sister (and my soon to be Maid of Honor) is one of the show's stars! Lauren is a bridal consultant at Amsale in New York. The show focuses on the bridal consultants who work at the store and follow them as they sell upscale gowns while working to meet sales goals and also goes a little into their personal lives as well. (Lauren is on far right in picture below).
Adding to my excitement, I am going up to New York in 2 weeks to maybe, possibly pick out my wedding dress from her store! So exciting! So if you're looking for another bridal show to tune into on a Sunday night def make sure to catch this one! It is a lot better than Say Yes to the Dress or any of the other shows! I may be just a tad bit biased though!
Congrats Lauren! Soo proud of you!


  1. How exciting! I'll have to check out this show!

  2. Very neat! I hope she can help you find YOUR dress when you visit. :)

  3. Hey there, I'm a new follower and I LOVE your blog (I mean who doesn't love pink and champagne)

    Good luck finding your dress!

  4. Watching it right now -- Lauren is adorable, and it looks like she's great at her job!