FEB. is FAB!

Happy first day of February! Every year I feel like I celebrate the arrival of this month, just because it means that January, the suckiest month of the year, is over! This January was no exception.... lots of cold weather and disappointment, but alas, it is time to move on! Yay! February has lots of fun things in store for me, like:

Super Bowl Weekend
It's in Dallas this year! So exciting! My friends and I are going to try to get into a party on Sat night. Very VIP! :) Then Sunday a good excuse to lounge around in sweats with friends whilst consuming large amounts of melted cheese! Mmmmm...

Claire Turn's 21!
My younger sister can whine no more.... the baby of the family will finally be 21! Yay for a family full of legal drinkers! Bottoms up! ;)

Valentine's Day
Eww gross, soo cheesy I know. I can't help it. I love V-Day! And I make it a point to wear as much pink and red as possible in the days leading up to it!

Crown Ball
A masquerade ball that is thrown each year to raise money towards leukemia research. Mason and I are helping "host" this event. So should be lots of fun again, as it has been in years past!

Adrian's Bridal Shower
Road tripping to Edmond, Oklahoma to see where my fav OU friend is from!

....and MAYBE some more exciting things! ;)

So much to be excited for! But Mother Nature went ahead and gave me even more to be excited about! I had a snow day from school today because of the ice storm we had this morning! AND we have tomorrow off too!!!!! YAY! See, I told you! February is already a thousand times better than January! Ok, well maybe I'll write more tomorrow since I have loads of free time right now! Stay warm friends!


  1. I really love Valentine's day too... even though I have been single for 2 years lol. I like any holiday where you tell people how much you like them with cards, candy, and flowers

  2. Sounds like you have a fun month in store!

  3. How fun that you are coming up to Oklahoma for a friends shower, I'm going to Dallas to get my final fitting for my wedding dress this month. :)