The Proposal

Mason and I have officially been engaged for 8 days now! It is still mind blowing to look down and see a sparkling ring on my finger and it definitely will not be getting old anytime soon! :) As promised, here is our engagement story...

On Thursday (Feb 10), Mason left Dallas to go on a business trip in San Antonio. I was pretty suspicious of his "business trip" since I have been on proposal-alert for the past few months, but nonetheless wished him a good trip and went to school as usual. Thursday after school I went for an impromptu happy hour with some teacher friends and gave Mason a call after work. He was anxious to know if I had been home yet. I had not, but thought something was fishy about him asking me if I had. My suspicions were confirmed when I got home and found this waiting on my bed for me...
A sweet note, a rose, a poem, a cupcake with a plastic ring on top and a plane ticket to Austin for Saturday! Yay!!!

I can not begin to tell you how slowly time passed from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon waiting to meet Mason in Austin. It was agony! But Saturday finally came and Mason picked me up from the Austin airport a little before 3pm. In the front seat of his car, was a present that he told me I could open....
Inside it were a Wendy's Frosty and fries! During college, Mason and I took a class together (before we were dating) and he would often bring me a frosty and fries to class since their was a Wendy's right next to our classroom.

We soon arrived in downtown Austin and checked into the Omni hotel. Mason insisted on taking my bag up and going back to the car to get his suitcase separately. Once we were settled in the room he went back down for his and also brought up gift #2 which he told me to open.

Inside this bag was a small bottle of Patron tequila, two Longhorn shot glasses and a lime because during our Senior year of college Mason and I shared our first quick kiss after a shot of tequila during a night on 6th Street. :)
At around 5:30pm after we were dressed and ready. Mason told me we were going to go to campus because he was going to try to go by the Tower to get a copy of his transcript that he needed and he also told me I would be receiving my 3rd, but not final gift there as well. So with gift in tow and me hiking through the UT campus in some very large high heels, we made our way to the tower and sat down on a nearby bench. Before Mason let me open my 3rd present he said that he wanted to thank me for being so patient with him (my ring took a lot longer than expected to be made). I opened up the present and inside was the ring box, that when I opened was empty.

Then Mason pulled the ring out of his pocket, kneeled down and asked me to marry him! It was all kind of a blur once I saw the ring! :)
Our perfect little Longhorn proposal!
Afterwards, we went to the Stephen F. Austin Hotel to meet our families for celebratory drinks.
Then we went to the Vince Young Steakhouse (we were really on a roll with this Longhorn themed proposal, huh? ;) for dinner by ourselves.
Then after dinner we were going to meet what we thought were a few friends who were in town at a club called Speakeasy downtown! When we got there though it was a full blown party and Mason and I danced the night away with some of our closest friends! Such a great time!
Then to top off an already perfect weekend, Mason had planned a Sunday brunch at Z-Tejas (my favorite Austin restaurant) with both of our families and a few of our best friends - including a few surprise guests!
My best friend Lauren who flew in from New York and also my friends Caroline and Tara! Some of my other friends who could not make it sent gifts and cards to congratulate us! I didn't cry the night of our engagement, but I was a crying mess at brunch!
It was so special to have both family and close friends with us that day and I was so moved that Mason and my friends coordinated it all to surprise me. I am one lucky girl!

It was such a wonderful weekend, and next summer in June, Mason and I plan to get married in Austin! I can't wait! As for now, I can't stop staring at my ring, nor can I get over the fact that I am someone's fiancee! So incredible! Thanks to you all for your many congratulations! I can not wait to share all the details with you in the months to come! Save the Date 6.30.12!!! :)


  1. We will share the same anniversary (well I got married in 2007 but still June 30th!) Congrats!

  2. What a fun engagement story! And you looked gorgeous too! Congrats again!

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    you two are so stinkin' cute!! :) and that rock is beyond amazing lady!!!
    all the pictures are adorable!!!

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  16. The year will fly by and you will hopefully love every moment of it! I will be married in 16 days and can't wait.. Congrats! Also, if you need any wedding places in Dallas that's where my dress is from!

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