Worst Vacay Ever!

Hi again. I'll be real with you. I didn't really feel like blogging tonight. I mean I've got Bachelor, Gossip Girl & 90210 on dvr... but you know how if you don't blog for a while then all the stories you wanted to blog about seem like so long ago that you don't even bother telling their tales, because it's so over with and way too much effort to remember the details. Well I didn't want too much time to pass, because this terrible tale is one for the books. This is a story about the worst winter vacation ever. ever. EVER.
So let's go back in time to Wednesday, January 12. It was my last day of school before leaving for Mason's family ski trip. Not only Mason's fam, but also a lot of our friends were going on the trip, though they left earlier in the week than us and had been there since Tuesday. We would be joining them two days later (on Thurs). This all caused me a great deal of anxiety, because it is no fun to have to work for two whole days when you know people are already living it up, playing in the snow and having a ball of a time without you there. So Mason and I were so relieved for Wednesday night to arrive. We laid our vacation outfits out, set our alarms and went to bed early with visions of snowflakes dancing in our heads.
The next day, we woke up early, packed up all of our belongings, headed to DFW, parked, made it through security and checked in all with plenty of time to spare. All in time for our worst nightmare to come true.

They (American Airlines - the most evil airlines in all the land) called our names to the desk and said that they had overbooked the flight and WE out of EVERYONE would be bumped off the flight unless someone took their offer for free flight vouchers. No one did. So we waved goodbye to our flight, which carried our suitcases and plans of skiing out into the sunset. Well I didn't exactly wave. I cried hysterically and yelled at the agent telling her I demanded vouchers for our toothbrushes, makeup and clothing that is on it's way to Steamboat without us! You see, there is only one flight per day from DFW to Steamboat Springs. So we would have to wait until the following day (Friday) to get to go on vacation. Mason and I were livid. Talk about anxiety level overload. Mason and I walking back to our parked car was probably about the most pathetic thing you have ever seen. Major frowny faces. Mine dripping with running mascara.
So we did what any normal person would do in our situation... We looked for the nearest bar to drown our sorrows. We first tried a sushi place near our house. We got there too late. It had closed for the afternoon. Then we tried out another only to find out, after we had ordered, that they were out of sake. :( I'm telling you, the world was against us on that cold January day. We were a sad pair. Luckily the bar across the street was open and fully stocked. We spent the rest of our evening there, laughing (and occasionally crying - me, not Mason - someone had to keep it together) about our misfortune.

The next day we woke up at the same time, to board the same flight, in our same outfits as the day before and luckily we made it on this time. Instead of two days of skiing though we would only have one. The rest of the trip was fine. We enjoyed the time we spent in Steamboat - short though it was. But I think overall, this is a trip Mason and I would like to forget.

The only silver lining to this tale is that Mase and I each received $675 vouchers for flights. So at least we will be able to take another trip - this summer perhaps.

PS: I took hardly any pictures on this trip. Really, it was that bad. Not a lot of happy memories to look back on. 2011 has not been very fun thus far.... wah wah....

PPS: If you are new to my blog (I have over 100 followers now, YAY!), fear not... I am not always such a debbie downer.


  1. Oh gosh! I would have been freaking out too! Hopefully y'all can take another fun vacay this summer :)

  2. Sorry your trip sucked, but at least you had time together I suppose! Sounds like you made the best of the situation!

    90210 looks sooo good tonight and I am loving Emily on the Bachelor!

  3. awww I am so sad for you : ( This just must not have been a good time for vacations!
    My brother and sister-in-law got delayed and bumped so they ended up in Aspen about 12 hrs after they were supposed to. I didn't feel THAT bad though because I mean they were in Aspen. Well then my sister-in-law pulled a muscle in her leg and ended up on crutches for the rest of the trip.
    Winter vacays=no bueno

    Hopefully a summer vacay is much more successful for ya!


  4. Im a new follower and new blogger. What a fun addiction. Love getting tips and inspiration from others. I have a whole 2 followers and one is mom so I dont even think that counts lol! Im so sorry about your trip, I can only imagine, gotta love the airline industry and overbooked flights :( But yay to another vacay in your future.

  5. What a bummer! Glad you got some vouchers to go somewhere fun though!!

  6. You are too funny.. I am sorry your trip didn't work out as planned and I can't blame you for being upset about it. I would have probably would crazy! But hey, look at the bright side, now you can take another trip on them! ;)

  7. I HATE airlines for that exact reason! UGH. You'd think after all this time that they'd finally have their stuff together, but lo and behold, they never do. I'm so sorry, girl, but hopefully those vouchers will lead to a vacation that helps to erase these awful memories!

  8. I would have been so upset! I can't believe they did that to yall, but at least you got free flights for the future.

  9. Airport/airline problems are the worst. Sorry it went so poorly for you :(