Just One More Reason to Get Skinny...

Ugh, Sunday night already?? This weekend felt insanely short! I had to go to a review session all day Saturday for an ESL exam that I have to take. Then today it was so dark and cold out that I slept half the day away. Sheesh. Oh well, with the passing of each week, we get one week closer to SUMMER! 10 more to go!
image source: weheartit
On Saturday afternoon the weather was absolutely perfect in Dallas! A crisp 85 degrees. So after my class, Mason and I decided to hit up Katy Trail (Dallas' trendiest trail to get your run on). We got about halfway down the trail and then noticed a mass of people standing around. Taking the Katy Trail trend-o-meter up one more notch, they have opened the Katy Trail Ice House - a bar/grill with lots of pinic tables, bean bag toss, etc so that if you don't want to go to KT to get your run on, you can go and get your buzz on.
image source: katy trail facebook page
Great! As if it wasn't already enough pressure to wear your cutest running outfit for fear of running into (literally) someone you know....now you will have to worry about a table full of friends catching a glimpse of you trying to shed some winter weight for bikini season.

What do we think Dallasites? Annoying or Awesome? I can't lie, it did look like a pretty good time. Maybe I'll have more than one reason to hit up the Katy Trail a little more often.


  1. that's too funny. It's like Dallas's Runyon Canyon.

    I swear if I ever ran into Ashton Kutcher (cause I recently saw a pic of him at Runyon) while i was sweating, I'd die on the spot!


  2. My apt use to back up to the Katy Trail .... I loved it, BUT that was before this fancy addition, lol!

  3. One of my girlfriends lives on Katy Trail. It is so pretty!

  4. I love Dallas!!
    cute blog :)