Being engaged means.....

.... Monday night DVR compromise.

Mason: Hey! Will you record Pawn Stars on the other tv at 9?
Me: Can't. I am already recording two shows at 9.
Mason: What are they?
Me: If you must know, "Heavy" and "Bethenney Ever After".
Mason: Oh God! That Bethenney show is crap! Like stuck on the bottom of your shoe dog crap! But at least you redeemed yourself with "Heavy".
Me: Oh and what masterpiece will you be recording on the other tv at 9?
Mason: "Southern Fried Stings"
Me: Wow.

He's just lucky Gossip Girl, 90210 and Bachelor are on hiatus or I'd be filling up both tv's! ;)

PS: Don't let Mase fool you. He has def caught an episode or two of Bethenney with me before!


  1. This sounds way too familiar! I majorly hog our DVR. And Dustin acts like Bethenny and The Housewives are the worst but then he winds up watching half the time with me!

  2. simple solution.... move to the east coast! we get Bethenny at 10. Problem solved lol.

    Why does guys have to hate all BRAVO shows (except for Top Chef) so much? makes me sad


  3. Love it. So true!! I have to have all of my shows in the bedroom dvr and his are in the living room!

  4. Girl that same convo happens with us but Kevin secretly loved watching the Bachelor with me. Haha, our guys are softies! :)

  5. hahaha sounds just like my house!