Bling Ch-Ching!


On Monday night our good friends Adrian and Sterling got ENGAGED!!!

So very excited for them! They are definitely one of the most fun and down to earth couples that I know, even for Sooners! ;) Sterling did a great job on the proposal! A limo picked Adrian up at home and took her on a scavenger hunt ride through Dallas to all of their memorable date locations! The last stop was at the Mansion Hotel where Sterling had a hotel suite and a big fat diamond waiting for her! :) After dinner with their parents, we got to meet up with them for a champagne toast! So fun! Congrats you two!!

Oh and Adrian's new last name is going to be Faubel! To make the Korbel bottle of champagne I got them as a gift a little cuter, I spiced it up with her new moniker! Am I clever or what! I think so.... ;)


No ring for me (yet... ;), but Tuesday was a pretty big day for me. I signed my contract with my school district making me an OFFICIAL teacher for next year! Woohoo! Pretty good week so far! If only tomorrow was Friday instead of Thursday. Second to last week of school is going SLOOOWWWWW!


Snakes on a Keyboard?

So it's season finale season...and I must say that I am a little glad. It is getting hard for me to keep up with the one million shows that I watch each week. My DVR is jam packed with hours upon hours of reality drama and must see tv! Not to mention having my favorite show on tv creates an extra excuse for not taking my booty outside for a run, and at this point I do not need anymore excuses! Memorial Day is NEXT WEEK people! That means prancing around the lake in a bikini for three days in a row. Back to the broccoli... :(

Ok, so back to tv.....SPOILER ALERT!!!

Umm, did you WATCH the finale of Gossip Girl!?!?
Dan got Georgina knocked up!? Chuck and Jenny!? Blair and Chuck dunzo!? OMG indeed! I take it back... I will be missing that show this summer.

And are you guys watching The Hills? Spencer and Heidi (but more so Spencer) are INSANE!With his scream fests and magic crystals! It's about time for him to be commited I think...

In other insane news, this girl in my class today brought a snake to class! A REAL LIVE SNAKE!!! Then she took it out of it's container! Well I freaked out and told her to put it up and not take it out again. Then a kid came to my desk and tattled on her (yay for class goodie goodies) for taking it out again....AND she was letting it crawl all over her keyboard!! OMG!

Then when I went to handle the situation she was laughing hysterically because she lost the snake! A LOST SNAKE in the freaking computer lab!!! Great. She finally found it, but you better believe she will be enjoying the day in ISS (in school suspension) tomorrow for her shannanigans. Loose snakes are not something I tolerate or take lightly. Sheesh.... only 9 more days.... ;)


GREAT Weekend cancels out my BAD week!

Back to the grind after a FAB weekend, and boy did I need it (more on that drama in just a few...)!

We kicked off the weekend by heading to Belton (45 mins north of Austin) to go see the ZZ TOP concert. Mase grew up with the drummer of ZZ TOP's twin sons so we got the hook up! Great seats, backstage passes, and Frank Beard (the drummer) autographed some of his drumsticks for us. Sweet! We stayed the night in Belton then headed back to D town Saturday afternoon.
Saturday night, we tried out a new restaurant/bar called J Black's on Henderson. They have one in Austin too and it is a nice addition to the Dallas nightlife scene. Approve.

Then Sunday, our friend Adrian and two of her guy friends, had a joint birthday party at this place called Backyard Beach Bar. Sand Volleyball, a pool AND a full bar... me likey! I think I found we're I'll be hanging out this summer! ;) Happy Birthday Adrian!!

It was a very eventful and fun weekend, which was definitely in order after the major stress week I had at school!


So Thursday morning I get to school early and the teacher I have been long-term subbing for (who is supposed to be on disability leave for the rest of the school year) shows up to my room unannounced, looks around and then demands to know where her personal things are. Umm, how about a nice to meet you or thanks for taking over my classes for me....

So then I get informed at the end of the day by our principal that she has come to reclaim her job and I am getting the boot because they have nowhere to put me. That means no job for me for the last 3 weeks of school. Not to mention I will not get to finish out the year with the kids who I have grown so close to! Major sads!

I did get lucky though. On Friday, a position opened up for me to sub in at our school as the Tech Computer Lab teacher for the rest of the year. I pretty much have no clue what I'm doing in there, but we're down to 13 more days so we'll survive. The important thing is that I will continue to be paid until the end of the year. I get a little sad though seeing my 6th graders in the hall, especially when they tell me how much they miss me!

So anyway, big time drama going on! Glad school is almost out, I need a break!


Blah Blah Blah

I am a bad blogger. I am ashamed to have such a pretty new blog page and yet nothing to write about on it. :(

School is mentally draining. The kids are OOC, because summer is fast approaching. This makes me have to have the job of a police officer instead of a teacher while at school. This also makes me have ZERO creative juices for my blog once I come home.

Okay, stop...I'll think positively...

* Only 16 more days of school left! :)

* Only 17 more days til Memorial Weekend in Austin! :)

* I just bought some cute new DKNY glasses (that I use to watch tv at night :) from Target! They are tortoise shell. :)

* I also bought a CUTE new swimsuit coverup from Target as well! Go Target! :)

* GLEE is on tonight! :)

* Umm , that's all...

Happy Tuesday!


Flamingo Fab!

Hello! Just got home from school where we hosted our annual "Dream Keeper's" Ceremony. Each teacher selected one student who they felt has done a really good job this year, overcome an obstacle or has in someway inspired their teacher and then those student's were honored at a ceremony. I selected my favorite student, Kenneth. :)

It was such a cute ceremony and I was so happy to meet his parents and see how proud they were of him! Such a feel good teacher moment, which are not very frequent as the kids are bouncing off of the walls waiting for summer.... and so are their teachers for that matter.

I still am not any closer to knowing what subject I will be teaching next year or which room will be mine, but I have already started accumulating things to decorate with for next year. I am seriously WAY too excited about this! You know how in college your dorm room is all cutesy, hot pink and glittery... then you grow up and enter the real world and you have to box up all of your sorority room decor. No? Well, that is exactly what happened to yours truly...

But now I have been blessed with the opportunity to decorate a whole room as cheesily as I want! Oh happy day! :) My theme for next year and prob for many years to come is going to be...
Pink flamingos/ beach/ luau / hot pink / lime green!! LOVE!! :)

Thank you Mason's mom who supplied my first two flamingo pieces (a cute standing flamingo) and a flamingo "Welcome" sign! :) I can't wait to start putting everything up!
But I'm WAY ready for summer, so all of that can wait! 22 School Days left...