Bling Ch-Ching!


On Monday night our good friends Adrian and Sterling got ENGAGED!!!

So very excited for them! They are definitely one of the most fun and down to earth couples that I know, even for Sooners! ;) Sterling did a great job on the proposal! A limo picked Adrian up at home and took her on a scavenger hunt ride through Dallas to all of their memorable date locations! The last stop was at the Mansion Hotel where Sterling had a hotel suite and a big fat diamond waiting for her! :) After dinner with their parents, we got to meet up with them for a champagne toast! So fun! Congrats you two!!

Oh and Adrian's new last name is going to be Faubel! To make the Korbel bottle of champagne I got them as a gift a little cuter, I spiced it up with her new moniker! Am I clever or what! I think so.... ;)


No ring for me (yet... ;), but Tuesday was a pretty big day for me. I signed my contract with my school district making me an OFFICIAL teacher for next year! Woohoo! Pretty good week so far! If only tomorrow was Friday instead of Thursday. Second to last week of school is going SLOOOWWWWW!


  1. Cute proposal story! Congrats to them!

  2. Congrats on the contract!!! I found the last two weeks of school to be pretty boring because the kids were so burnt out from testing.

    Congrats to your friends! I went to OU with them and we have mutual friends in common. ha ha!

  3. Yay for contracts! I got mine with a pathetic salary. :(

    You're a great friend, aren't ya?