Snakes on a Keyboard?

So it's season finale season...and I must say that I am a little glad. It is getting hard for me to keep up with the one million shows that I watch each week. My DVR is jam packed with hours upon hours of reality drama and must see tv! Not to mention having my favorite show on tv creates an extra excuse for not taking my booty outside for a run, and at this point I do not need anymore excuses! Memorial Day is NEXT WEEK people! That means prancing around the lake in a bikini for three days in a row. Back to the broccoli... :(

Ok, so back to tv.....SPOILER ALERT!!!

Umm, did you WATCH the finale of Gossip Girl!?!?
Dan got Georgina knocked up!? Chuck and Jenny!? Blair and Chuck dunzo!? OMG indeed! I take it back... I will be missing that show this summer.

And are you guys watching The Hills? Spencer and Heidi (but more so Spencer) are INSANE!With his scream fests and magic crystals! It's about time for him to be commited I think...

In other insane news, this girl in my class today brought a snake to class! A REAL LIVE SNAKE!!! Then she took it out of it's container! Well I freaked out and told her to put it up and not take it out again. Then a kid came to my desk and tattled on her (yay for class goodie goodies) for taking it out again....AND she was letting it crawl all over her keyboard!! OMG!

Then when I went to handle the situation she was laughing hysterically because she lost the snake! A LOST SNAKE in the freaking computer lab!!! Great. She finally found it, but you better believe she will be enjoying the day in ISS (in school suspension) tomorrow for her shannanigans. Loose snakes are not something I tolerate or take lightly. Sheesh.... only 9 more days.... ;)


  1. I know, all these season finales have stressed me out! I'm still in shock over the last 10 minutes of Gossip Girl. And, you're right Spencer is a freaking lunatic!!

  2. That's so random about the snake. Who knows why kids do the things they do. I'd be so aggravated as well. Good luck with the memorial day diet!! :)