October 2010

Remember me? You probably don't. I have become a stranger to the blog world. BUT this weekend I had people coming out of the woodworks to tell me that I am slacking and that it makes them sad to have to sit in their cubicles without the enjoyment of being entertained daily by my ever-so deep ramblings. So, I'm back, by popular demand ;).... and I have SOOO much to catch you up on, it'll prob take a few posts, so I am going to start out slow with a little October preview. Patience people.


Excited about:
  • The cool crisp fall weather that looks like it is here to stay!!
  • My once-yearly official evaluation by my principal that happened last week that I did really well on! Phew! Glad it's over!
  • Having out my fall decorations! Halloween is one of my fav Holidays to decorate for (besides Christmas obv.)!
  • I had today off, because it was Fair Day for my kiddos! A MUCH needed day off!
  • Going to the State Fair of Texas next week with Mason! I didn't go today because I didn't want to run into any students on my day off!
  • Horror movies on TV this month! I loooove scary movies! :)

  • All the one million training's I am going to have to go to this month. I signed up for all my Gifted & Talented and ELL training's this month so I could just get them over with but that means having a class to attend after school several times a week and lots of online homework and lessons to submit! Blah! Can't wait for my first year to be OVER! ;)
  • The rest of the UT Football season! Not off to a good start with 2 losses already! Booo!
  • The fact that I have had a cold for over 3 weeks and it shows no signs of ever leaving!!! Or at least my disgusting cough seems to be here to stay! :(

  • Butternut Squash soup! The "Newflower Market" grocery store by my house has the most delicioys BNS soup ever! I crave it every day and usually go buy some about every other day! :)

  • Pop-Chips (Salt & Pepper flavor) - a new semi-guilt free snack that I have been indulging in!
  • That it smelled like Christmas when I walked outside after a training tonight! :)

Things to Celebrate this Month:
  • Halloween! Duh! Best Holiday ever!!! :) No plans or costumes yet though... better get crackin' on that!
  • Columbus Day?

  • No time for pleasure reading... I am having to do TWO book studies right now. One for our school and one for an online G&T training. Blah! School Overload!! I haven't even been keeping up with my US Weekly magazines. Sad.

  • Gossip Girl
  • Glee
  • 90210
  • Grey's
  • All Housewives shows.... Desperate, Real H. of DC, etc. (except not Atlanta, that cast sucks)
  • Teen Mom
  • Mad Men
  • I really don't have time for all these shows, but I make it work somehow! ;)

Jamming out to:
  • Currently nothing. My radio in my car has been broken for awhile so I was using my iPOD connector thingy that connects to my iPOD via a cassette tape wire device. Well it got stuck the other day so know all of my driving is in silence and I know none of the new jams. Sad.
Ok, so I know I have lots of catching up still to do, but it was a start! I'll write more soon!! TTYL! :)


  1. Sounds like you've been really busy! Hope you have a great rest of the week :)

  2. you won't get over your cold until summer but the good thing is year two your immune system starts to build up! Congrats on your positive review.