Can I tell you how happy I am that Gossip Girl is back! I forgot how much I missed it over the summer!! And I also forgot all about how SCANDOLOUS the season ended! Dan & Georgina have a baby?? Chuck and Jenny!??! Followed by Chuck being stabbed in Amsterdam! OMFG indeed.

Anyway, so now that the gang is back, we can be stylishly amused by the latest in GG fashion! After all, there really is only one question to ask.

Are you a Serena....

or a Blair?
I think I lean more towards Blair's style myself! Oh to live a day in either of their closets... *sigh* a girl can dream!



  1. LOVE GOSSIP GIRL. Like, love it so much it's stupid. Enough happened in last night's episode to fill a whole season of shows. We got drama flying around like crazy! I guess I shouldn't expect anything else! Enjoy the season, I'm glad your back in the blog world lately! Hope the school year is still going great.

  2. Amen, sistah! I love me some GG! I, too, adore Blair's style. Not gonna lie, I missed her headbands thsi week hehe!