My name is Caroline.....and I am an addict.

My drug of choice...


I am really obsessed ya'll. I mean I just can't stop pinning away all the decorations, outfits and recipes that I want to try out. This weekend things got really out of control.

Yesterday I made a wreath for fall for my mom:

and for myself:

Then for breakfast this morning I made Mason and I pumpkin pancakes and cinnamon syrup from scratch:

For lunch, jalepeno popper grilled cheese:

and since I was on such a roll, I just baked a batch of peanut butter/nutella swirl cookies for the hell of it:
This needs to stop. I can't even make the dinner that I had planned to make tonight because my sudden Betty Homemaker/Martha Stewart-ness has left me too exhausted.

But oh how much fun it would be to fill my days with crafting and cooking instead of working. Someday... Until then, I will be cracked out on Pinterest when I can. The weekends!


  1. Oh I just LOVE Pinterest too :)

    Your fall wreath is SO cute! Great job!

  2. wow your wreaths are to die for. nothing wrong with a little pinterest either.

  3. I love crafting and cooking! Send me someone to eat it because I just can't do it.