Here Comes the Bachelorette....

Oh my lord!

It's nearly been 6 months since my last post!! I'm sure I've been deleted off of your blog lists/bookmarks/favs by now! I hope not though... I've been MIA for good reason. I've been preparing for my Big Nuptials which are only 25 days away!!! :) Can you believe it?? This wedding has been in the making f-o-r-e-v-e-r! But as they say time flies when you're having fun! The countdown is officially on. And for that matter so is the working out, teeth bleaching, tanning and starvation.....but that goes without saying of course...

Today, Mason and I were featured in our city's local magazine wedding blog so that was exciting! Only a very select few make the cut to have their proposal written up by the D Magazine weddings editor! You can catch that little gem here:

Other than that not too much going on...

...just getting ready for my BACHELORETTE PARTY THIS WEEKEND!!!! :) :) :) :)

Which entails more working out, tanning, teeth bleaching and starvation... of course. Then wardrobe comes into play too, because it's not just any bachelorette party... it's MINE!
 {It's finally MY TURN!!! }

I can't believe it is almost here! None of this feels real! But alas, the time has come for me to adorn my "Bride to Be" sash and trashiest veil. Ha, only kidding... I would NEVER! ;)

Anyway, me and 9 of my fav ladies are doing it the way that it was meant to be done...

In fabulous LAS VEGAS! :)

I am so excited for all that lies ahead! I will make it my mission to be a better blogger and keep you all up to date on all the latest wedding deets!

Missed you all! XOXO!


  1. That photo is SEXY girl!!! Glad you're back :)

  2. So good to hear from you!

    Enjoy these next few weeks before your wedding and I can't wait to see lots of pictures!

  3. I saw some of your pictures on facebook. You look amazing! I can't wait to see your wedding pictures!! Good luck and best wishes! Excited for you!!