Bumpy Ride

Back from Vegas. Feeling like a swollen zombie this morning. Thank God I do not have to work this month, because that is how long it's going to take me to recover...

Only kidding of course. I'll be back to chardonnay by the end of the day. ;)

I'll give you all my Vegas trip highlights when I can pry my swollen eyes open a little more. Here was the biggest highlight of them all though...

Surviving the flight home.

Seriously, this flight was so bad I literally thought that it was going down and that we were all going to die. I promise I am not exaggerating. I thought this was the end of the road for me.

After we took off, the pilot came on and announced that the flight was going to be a little bumpy due to some weather in the Las Vegas area. O. M. G. It was more than just a little weather and this was not your average turbulence. The plane was violently thrashing from left to right, the whole plane was shaking and we kept doing free falls (the kind that make your stomach go weak... also not comfortable to experience after a weekend in Vegas mind you). It was so bad at one point that people were screaming and I think I experienced a mild heart attack. I looked down and could see my heart thumping out of my chest and my hands shaking uncontrollably.

A side note: I am 100% not scared to fly. I love flying. I even applied to be a flight attendant at one point in my life.

This flight changed everything for me though. I might need tranquilizers the next time I get on a plane. Too make things even worse...I had to stop in Albuquerque and change planes. So after a flight from absolute hell I had to get right back on another one. I felt like kissing the ground in Dallas once I finally made it home.

More fun Vegas memories to come... ;)

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