Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Well not quite. Last night, Mason and I attended his company Christmas party which was held in an event space at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. There they unveiled that their company had purchased a suite, seating up to 16 people on the 50 yard line and that over the course of this season and next, all of the employees would have a chance to attend a game in the suite. Pretty nice Christmas gift, I suppose....I mean it's no fruit cake or anything, but.... ;) Anyway, the only downer of the party was that the owner of Mase's billion dollar company is uber-religious and does not believe in drinking. Not one drop. Not even spiked egg nog. Which I can tell you folks, makes for one incredibly boring and awkward Christmas party. I mean what is a Christmas party for if not to overindulge and loosen up amongst co-workers! And imagine me, knowing no one but Mason, without anything but apple cider in hand to help liven up the getting to know you conversations. Awful. The only saving grace of this party was that we were given a tour of the stadium that took a good hour of our time, allowing us to head out of the party afterwards without it being too noticeably early! Here are a few highlights of our stadium tour: Mase and I in his company's suite at the stadiumMase in front of Roy Williams' Locker, who happens to be a former Longhorn
In front of Tony Romo's Locker
The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Locker Room

....and that about wraps up the fun from that evening. I think next year I'll have to have a few more glasses of wine before attending, because the 1.5 glasses I had before we left the apartment didn't seem to cut it. Better make it a bottle next time to be safe! ;)


  1. Haha. I've never been to a dry Christmas party. Hmm. Well you look cute anyway even if it was boring!

  2. At least that his company has a party at all! Mine is totally wierd about holiday functions because some drunk person a long time ago got hit by a car after a work happy hour, so everything has to be "unofficial" Very lame