Presently, there are no Presents!

Only 2 more weeks until Christmas! Have you finished your shopping?

I have barely even begun. I have a few gifts for Mason and one for my mom and that. is. it. Pretty pathetic.

It's not only my aversion to crowded shopping malls that has made me fall behind this year, although God knows I can't stand a crowded mall! Actually it's not the number of people in the mall so much as the traffic and parking that turns me into a mega Scrooge.No, this year it's because I have NO IDEA what to get anyone. My mom was the most helpful of the bunch, giving me a wish list to go off of. But everyone else... no clue. Mason wants clothes. He always wants clothes. So boring.

So not only do I have to actually go out and purchase gifts. I'm having to wrack my brain to come up with gifts perfect for everyone on my shopping list. I have no creative juices this year - they have all been sucked up by visions of our wedding dancing in my head. I recently finished helping my friend Adrian design our Save the Dates and will be spending the weeks of my winter break addressing one billion envelopes! Makes my hand hurt just thinking about it. Needless to say I will not be sending out a Holiday Card this year. Sorry my friends. Instead, here is a photo of Mason and I trimming our tree this year.
Because who doesn't decorate their silver tinsel tree with pink roses while wearing a ball gown! ;)

I hope that you all are enjoying December and have all of your gift purchasing behind you! Feel free to leave any ideas you have of gifts to give this Christmas for a lazy bride on a budget. Merry Christmas!