Throwback Thursday

In accordance with the Halloween theme I've got going on this week, this throwback is brought to you by my favorite channel growing up, Nickelodeon! Oh the hours I spent parked an inch away from the television watching shows such as Salute Your Shorts, Clarissa Explains It All, and Hey Dude... *sigh* ...these sitcom masterpieces are 10 100 times better than the crap kids are watching these days, but I digress... On a Saturday evening, you could pretty much guarantee that I was at home watching "Snick"(Saturday Night Nickelodeon). With a line-up of Clarissa, The Secret World of Alex Mack, and Roundhouse you just can't go wrong. But the best show played on Saturday nights was Are You Afraid of the Dark. As I mentioned earlier this week, I love horror movies and these shows were pretty dang scary for an early elementary aged kid! I wonder if the shows would still be scary now or if I was just an amateur back then...hmm... So anyway, without further ado, here is the intro song to Are You Afraid of the Dark:

Oh how I wished I could be apart of the Midnight Society!! Another life goal unaccomplished... ;) Only 2 More Days Until Halloween!! Do you all have your costumes ready yet??? :)


Why Dogs Dread Halloween...

Got this as an email a few days ago and it was too cute not to post! Enjoy and be glad you're not a dog! ;)
Good thing I don't have a pooch of my own or they would soo be wearing a costume this Halloween! ;)


Best Halloween Movies

Helloooo cable networks...it is Halloween week and you have not been airing very many scary movies to get me in the spirit of the season!! I absolutely love love looove scary movies! I'm not sure why... I must get some sick thrill out of being so afraid that I lock myself in my bedroom and sleep with the lights on. As a young child, my dad let me watch rated R movies like "Children of the Corn" and "Terminator 2"...ha, nice... but my real scary movie fetish began in the fifth grade when my best friend at the time and I would go to Blockbuster every weekend and rent every horror movie we could get our hands on. I mean I have literally seen just about every scary movie out there... Where was the adult supervision?? Anyway, I'm not quite the horror-movie fiend that I once was, but I still enjoy a good scary flick every now and then, especially around this time of the year. That being said, I have created a list of my favorite "must-see" (according to me) Halloween/scary movies. Here goes:

Ok, duh, that one is a given. But there really is no better way to get ready for the haunting holiday itself than by watching Jamie Lee Curtis running for her life from the indestructable Michael Myers, who breaks out of an insane asylum on Halloween night. I have seen every sequel of this movie and in my opinion the only ones worth watching are Halloween 1 and 2.

Practical Magic
Ok, this one isn't at all scary, but I still absolutely love this movie! Such a fun story about two witch sisters (Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock) who try to break a family curse that any man they fall in love with will ultimately die.

Pet Semetary
I once watched this Stephen King classic during middle school when I was spending the night at my friend's lake house on Lake Texoma...ahhh! So creepy! Ever since it has been a Halloween staple of mine! :)

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Another none scary movie....though Tim Curry as a transvestite might be frightening to some. This movie is just an all-time classic in my opinion and has the abs. best soundtrack.."..let's do the time warp again..."


Ok, scariest movie EVER award! This is a somewhat newer horror movie (2008) featuring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman (remember, that hot guy from Felicity ;), who become the victims of an awful attack by strangers merely because they were home and answered their door! I repeat: VERY SCARY, do NOT watch alone! Mason and I vowed (after seeing this in the theaters) that we would NEVER watch it again... we now own it, and I still couldn't sleep after the second time I watched it! Yes, I watched it more than once...because I am sick like that! ;)

and my all time fav. Halloween movie, cheesy though it may be, is........


I looooove this movie and it just never gets old, even though I have seen it about two hundred times! Every time it comes on the Disney channel I just can't stop myself from watching it! If I ever get a male cat I am soooo naming him Binx! ;)

And there you have it, my all-time fav. Halloween movie list! What are some of your fav. Halloween movies???


Playing Catch-up!

My apologies for not posting in a few days. Our laptop has gone a little batty (must be playing a Halloween trick on us) and I was unable to log on to my blog! But, I'm back at the office and ready for a fun week-before-Halloween (the second best week in October ;). Here's what has been going on in the past few days!

Thursday night: I received a phone call from the school district that I applied to sub at a looong time ago, but never heard back from. I had decided that they were at capacity for substitutes since they received so many applications! Well, they weren't and asked if I'd be able to come in the next morning for substitute orientation! Yippee! This is the school district that I would most like to work for, so I am glad that I am getting my foot in the door! Yay!

Friday: Went to Sub Orientation and got an official name/picture badge and everything! Having a badge is the fastest way to feel super important! ;) Yay! They are going to input my info by the beginning of this week and I will be eligible to start subbing immediately. However, I do still technically have a job (which I will dedicate another post to, because that's a whole other story). Anyway, Friday night Mason and I drove out to Little Elm (north of Frisco) to go to our friend Lezlie's dad's birthday party where the highlights included flip cup tournies, beer pong, and a bonfire! Festive fall fun! :)

Saturday: We were laaaaazy all day loonnnng! We watched football, drank beer and cooked the entire day! It was a nice cozy day at home! I made Stuffed Poblanos for dinner. They were delish, fun to make and satisfied my need for something spicy! I felt like a gourmet chef, but they did take a rather long time to make... lots of steps! Here is what they were supposed to look like (a la the picture on the website):
Here are what mine looked like:
Not too shabby! ;) All of my time spent watching Top Chef must be paying off! (PS: Mason thinks I am an idiot when I take pictures of our food to post on my blog... ha, good one Mase, we'll see who has the last laugh when I have a book deal and can retire at home as a professional blogger! ;)

Sunday: More laaaaazinessss! TV, nap, lunch, nap, football, nap, read NY travel guide, nap, cook dinner (Corn Chowder Soup with Cornbread muffins - see I told you I was on a roll with the cooking ;), TV, sleep.

And now it's Monday, and raining and I want to crawl back in bed for yet another nap, but it is Halloween Week so the anticipation should keep my spirits up!

And for a little more Monday morning fun... look who I found all cozied up in my pink snuggie this weekend:
Look's like someone needs a snuggie of their very own! ;)


Throwback Thursday

Instead of a musical throwback this week, I thought I'd take you back to the time in your childhood when the highlight of your week was going to McD's, grabbing a happy meal and scoring an awesome toy! We had it much better than the kids do today (in my opinion)...our happy meal toys were legit! Remember these guys??My brother, sister and I each had one of these totally fab, glow-in-the-dark Halloween buckets! *sigh* Good times...


Yay's and Nay's

YAY :)
Yesterday, I finally paid off my final credit card! I had two cc's during college that I used to help finance my education good times and I had been slowly paying them off since graduation. Now, I am offically debt free (with the exception of a few pesky student loans...baby steps people)!
NAY :(
Monday, Mason was sitting at our dining room table using the laptop and he told me that he smelled something. It smelled kindof like pee, and since we had a puppy staying with us as one of our TX/OU guests this weekend, we just figured that the dog had had a little accident, but after sniffing the ground in that entire area, we couldnt find a "pee spot".Well last night, I was sitting in the same chair using the laptop when I started to smell the pee smell again. So, I decided to sniff test the chair I was sitting in and sure enough - there was an overwhelming smell of pee! Someone peed in my upholstered (non-washable) dining room chair over the weekend! GROSSSSS! I'm not positive who it was, as we had a few guys staying with us that weekend, but I definitely have my suspicions as to who it may be! So sick! So I rubbed the chair down with a soapy water mixture and then put baking soda on the chair to soak up the water and also the smell. Hopefully, that will work. So sick though!!

YAY :)
Mason and Cameron's old roomie has had the remote control to the tv that is in our bedroom for nearly an entire year and he just sent it to me in the mail! You have no idea how happy this makes me! No more getting up in a sleepy-haze to turn off the tv in the middle of the night! Now we can just set the sleep timer! Oh, how glorious! :)
NAY :(
Our DVR is not working... :( It can still record shows, but when I go to watch them it skips about every 45 seconds and messes up the sound, so I am constantly missing the dialogue! What?? What did Blair just say to Chuck to piss him off?? Ugh, so annoying. I need to get Time Warner to our house ASAP!

YAY :)
I purchased the cutest boots (on sale for $58) from Kohl's the other day and am awaiting their arrival any day now! I never think to shop at Kohl's but my friend had on a cute pair the other day and said she got them from there! On top of that I did a google search for Kohl's online coupon codes and found one for 20% off, so I didn't even have to pay for shipping! :)



Apparently, Miss Bethenny Frankel of the Real Housewives of New York finally landed herself a man!!!

Check out her new 6.5 carats worth of Bling!!!Um, wow. Now that's a ring! ;)

Some Like It Hot

I'm not sure what it is, but lately I have been craving some heat, and I don't mean temperature (although I have been turning on the heater in my car all week long ;). I'm talking spicy foods. I have always been a fan of milder flavors, but lately I have been snacking on things like wasabi peas and jalapenos. Oh and I have started to like buffalo sauce (eww), which I have always thought was waaaaay disgusting. Are my taste buds still changing or is living with Mason (self admitted jalapeno and buffalo wing addict) rubbing off on me?? Apparently, as we age our taste buds begin to disappear from the roof and sides of our mouth, leaving taste buds mostly on the tongue. The remaining taste buds eventually become less sensitive. Grrreat... someone pass me the tabasco sauce! ;)



It definitely wasn't pretty but we somehow managed to pull out a win during this weekend's big game against OU! Only 6 more games to win and it looks like (fingers crossed) we'll be heading to the National Championship! Yippee! We had such an amazing weekend with all of our friends! I am absolutely exhausted and my entire body is soo sore! I def plan on taking it easy until Halloween! ;)
Anyway, here are a few pics from our victorious weekend!

{Our annual pic with Bevo - - please ignore see-through shirt bra shot}
{Mattito's for our TX/OU Dinner Party - we had 60 ppl come! Such fun!}
{We walked home from the bars, underneath the 75 overpass, me in my stiletto's, because we couldn't find a cab... I still can't feel my toes}
{Watching the game at TABC}
{Had to get my pic taken with Miss Peyton - our friend's, Angie & Brady's, baby girl! :)}

Hope you all had a great weekend! Now I shall attempt not to fall asleep at my desk! Hook 'em!



Man, this week was flying by at first, but now it has come to a standstill. I am super anxious and excited for this weekend to begin, because once again...it's TX/OU Weekend, folks! One of my most fav weekends of the year! I remember being in college and getting so excited for this week every year. Of course it was always inevitable that a meany prof would schedule an exam the Thursday before TX/OU! Seriously!? How can anyone be expected to concentrate with such a fab weekend looming ahead? Back in my sorority girl days, the week preceeding TX/OU was busy and fun-filled. If you were among the lucky to be asked by a frat guy to "be his OU date" then you were in charge of buying a cooler, painting it, and stocking it full of goodies (read: lots of liquor, beer, snacks, and maybe a little more liquor just to be sure..)! We would have painting parties at the sorority house and paint our name and our date's name on the cooler, our sorority/frat letters, longhorns, "OU Sucks!", etc. Then on Friday afternoon, we would take our masterpieces to our date's house and board a charter bus that would take us, along with the Frat, on a booze-filled adventure to Dallas! Once, in D-Town we would check into hotels and then go to a bar where the fraternity so generously had provided a bar tab for all to enjoy (in case you didn't have enough to drink on the bus ride down). Then Saturday morning, we would wake up extra early, adorn ourselves with burnt orange from head to toe and head to the TX/OU game! *Sigh* Ohh to be in college again...
Anyway, even though I have since graduated from my beloved University, TX/OU has still proven to be just as fun for us big kids! Here are some of the events we have lined up in the next few days:

Thurs - Blake & Wolf's (friends of ours) TX/OU Kick-off Party complete with special guest BEVO (yes, our dear mascot makes the trek to this event every year so that we can get an up-close photo-op with him!)

Fri - TX/OU Dinner Party, my friend Tara and I are hosting a dinner party at Mattito's for all of our Longhorn friends from Dallas and also those coming in town for the weekend! Such a good time! It is a fun college reunion! Afterwards, we will have a night out on the town!

Sat - Game day!!! Sadly, we won't be going to the game this year, but we have reserved a spot at a local bar and will root the Horns on to victory from there!

Sat. Night - Win or Lose (but hopefully Win) we will celebrate (or drown our sorrows), and show all the Sooners just why we are so proud to be graduates of the greatest university around!

Can't wait!! Hook 'em! :)


Big Week for Big D

I'm already a very proud citizen of Dallas, TX (although sometimes the Cowboys make me think otherwise). This week, however, I love my hometown even more than usual! I'm not sure if you were able to watch/tivo Oprah this afternoon, but she made her way to the Big D to host a segment on the State Fair of Texas! I sooo wanted to be an audience member, but I couldn't find a way of scoring tickets, and I'm not sure if her show was an sit down-audience type of show or if it was just clips of her walking around sampling the food at the Fried Food Capital of the World! :) Right now "O" is on channel 8 guest hosting the 5 o' clock news! So fun! I just love Oprah! :)
Another, even bigger reason why I am excited about this week is that it is TX/OU week! Texas and Oklahoma meet up every year in Dallas, on neutral territory, and compete at the Cotton Bowl (also located at the State Fair). It is such a fun weekend as we have several events/parties planned for the week as we prepare for the Red River Rivalry! We have so many friends coming in town, so it's like a mini college reunion! I just absolutely love this week!! So, this week shall be dedicated to all things burnt orange as we prepare to beat the Sooners! OU Sucks!! :)

I love living in Dallas!


Fried Rabbits, Blue Dogs & Tigers!

We're finally back home in Texas! We had an absolute blast this weekend in Louisiana, even though the LSU Tigers did not perform. We left our apt before the sun came up on Friday morning and had to drive in the rain all the way to Shreveport. While Mase did a little bit of work, I did a little shopping and then we later met up and had lunch at a restaurant called "The Real Pickle". It was a pretty tastey little sandwhich shop. Our waitress was a little kooky though. When she was passing out our silverware, she dropped mine on my head and then the fork got caught in my hair so she started brushing my hair with the fork a la the Little Mermaid...nice. Those crazy cajuns! ;)
After my hair styling session, we headed to Lafayette and settled into our hotel. Our hosts David (who Mase does some work with) and Kelly, his wife, were the sweetest, most fun couple! They took us to a mexican restaurant, La Fonda's, that they claimed had awful food but great margaritas. It was definitely the Lafayette hot spot! We had to wait nearly an hour to get a table, but the margs and chit chat helped us pass the time! And yes, the food was awful, besides the fried rabbit appetizer that we ate that was actually quite delish!

Saturday was game day! We loaded the car and headed to Baton Rouge! They had quite the tailgate set-up when we arrived and they introduced us to a little concoction they like to call "Tiger Juice" also nicknamed, "The Creep":
Looks delicious right!? Ha, um no! But it def amped up our tailgating experience! ;)

After a few cups of Creep, Mason and I walked around campus for a bit and saw some of the sights...

The stadium:
Mike the Tiger Mascot statue:Anyway, we went to watch the game after 6 hours of tailgating/tiger juicing...yikes! It was a pretty uneventful game. The Tigers didn't play very well and it was a low-scoring game (13-3), so not much action! The highlight was when our row, for whatever reason (maybe the tiger juice? ;), was awarded the rowdiest row in the stadium and we all got $25 gas cards! Awesome! :) After the game, we were so exhausted and by the time we made it back to Lafayette we went straight back to our hotel and crashed out.
This morning we checked out of our hotel and went to the Blue Dog Cafe in Lafayette for brunch, on David and Kelly's recommendation.
I am so glad we went! It was the best brunch food I think I have ever had! Crab cake eggs benedict, crawfish enchiladas, oyster cornbread dressing, belgian waffles with banana fosters syrup, I could go on and on... Seriously, Mason and I were in a food coma for the rest of our trip home! Absolutely delicious. I recommend this as a must-see/eat/do if you are ever in the vicinity of Lafayette!

Anyway, so we're back home now, with satisfied tummies! Super big thanks to David & Kelly for being great hosts! :) Trying to go to bed early tonight, we have a fun-filled week ahead of us, but more on that tomorrow! Nighty night!